A Gentleman’s Guide To Cufflinks

A Gentleman’s Guide To Cufflinks

How to elevate your look.

In a previous post, I described the “Tuxedo Myth” – a phenomenon where people associate wearing cufflinks with occasions calling for a black or white tie dress code. This baffled me, as like buttons, cufflinks are made in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials, and although they are generally considered more ornamental, they are in fact not more or less informal than buttons are.

In that same post, I shared some guidelines I believed would be helpful, and based on the response my team and I received, we decided to expand on this.

What cufflinks say about the person wearing them…

Mr. Classic

adj. time-honored, traditional

A simple design, featuring a single color like black, white, or gold can easily be paired with almost any outfit.

Sometimes you need a safe option, a way to embellish the ordinary to something extraordinary. In other words add that little something that makes a subtle but noticeable difference.

The easiest way to achieve this look is by color-matching. Either by taking the most predominant color in your outfit and finding cufflinks in the same shade or by matching metals. Having your belt buckle and watch, match your cufflinks is an excellent way of adding a touch of style and luxury to your overall appearance.

Our Gold Rush collection has a brass finish with a single diamond, giving them a classic look with just a touch of something more and are easy to pair with any outfit.

All that glitters is not gold, but when it comes to diamond cufflinks,

Gold Rush truly sets the gold standard.

Mr. Dashing

adj. bold, flamboyant

Feeling emboldened and confident?

Try adding a pop of color or a unique design to your look. If you’re wearing a navy blue suit, you could wear red cufflinks. If you want to leave a lasting impression, why not try something a little more daring, like something with an unusual design?

Mr. Whimsical

adj. playful, fanciful

Similar to Mr. Dashing, Mr. Whimsical is not afraid of adding color to his look, but he might add a touch of whimsy as well. Over-the-top jewelry styling might allow him to show his slightly eccentric side.

He could dress up in a stylish suit while maintaining a fun appearance, by adding skulls or football-inspired cufflinks.

Essentially the guidelines are thrown out the window and the person chooses whatever makes him happy while remaining fashionable.

Mr. Nonchalant

adj. easygoing, laidback

Dinner with friends on a Friday evening?

We understand that you probably wouldn’t want to wear another suit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your cufflinks.  Combine a shirt and sweater with eye-catching cufflinks for a look that says casual but stylish.

The Feathery Charm,

one of our most popular pair.

Mr. Monochrome

adj. shades of the same color

Pair a charcoal suit with a white shirt, black tie, and onyx adornments and you’ve created the perfect edgy-yet-sophisticated look. As the male equivalent of a Little Black Dress, it is practically impossible to go wrong here, and adding a pair of cufflinks to this look will only elevate your appearance in front of your peers. If the occasion calls for less formality, skip the tie and add a less formal shoe.

Mr. Dauntless

adj. bold, courageous

In a room full of people wearing immaculate black suits, there are only a few ways of leaving a lasting impression. You can dazzle them with your wit and charm, but a diamond cufflink is the epitome of timeless luxury.

Remember, jewels are an extension of your personality and style.
You don’t have to fit one of the “types” described above, but rather,
feel confident and have fun when mixing your styles.