Oh My Got: an interview with David Gotlib

Oh My Got: an interview with David Gotlib

Oh My Got is a signature brand of exclusive diamond cufflinks for those who appreciate luxury and style, and expect the best quality. Oh My Got brings the appeal, charm and excitement of top-quality designer diamond cufflinks to an international audience.

We met with David Gotlib, founder of Oh My Got in his Antwerp office. In our interview, David spoke to us about his new luxury brand and exclusive online store.

David, what is your professional background?

David: I was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. My family has been in the Antwerp diamond trade since after the Second World War. I joined the business after having completed my school and university studies

What exactly are your diamond experiences and your other responsibilities?

David: I have been trading rough and polished diamonds for 15 years now. I travel frequently on buying and selling trips and I opened our New York sales office in 2011.

Launching a new business line is not just more of the same – it’s a different business. How will you cope?

David: The financial and management disciplines I use regularly are relevant and we will adapt, learn and innovate. In addition to the excitement and buzz of designing and creativity, operating a different kind of business is a big part of the challenge.  

Does Antwerp still play a leading role in the diamond industry?

David: It really does. Antwerp is the heart of the global diamond industry. Every day, tens of thousands of diamonds are shipped from Antwerp to all corners of the globe. Today, there is a huge business in rough diamonds traded through Antwerp. Actually, all the world’s large rough mining entities are represented here. Antwerp has the finest diamond traders, craftsmen and laboratories in the world, and the finest diamonds.

When and how did you become interested in diamonds?

David: It’s in my family’s DNA. When my grandfather came back to Belgium after the terrible ordeals of the Second World War, he had nothing left, not a penny to his name. Fortunately, he received the most generous help from the then Mayor of Antwerp, Camille Huysmans, who advised him to become a diamond cutter. Mayor Huysmans also helped organize support for his training and education.

My grandfather seized this opportunity and started his own business. In time, this business became one of the successful, established diamond firms in Antwerp. My father followed on and he in turn first started his own diamond business 40 years ago. Subsequently, my grandfather and my father joined forces and worked closely together.

I joined my father’s business 15 years ago and 7 years ago I became a partner. Thanks to good fortune and our joint efforts our business has now grown to become one of the principal players in Antwerp in rough and polished diamonds.

Your trading experience is a great business background, but what about technical and experience when it comes to diamonds?

David: During my studies and vacations, I spent all my spare time in a diamond factory learning how to cut and polish diamonds. So my business background was reinforced with technical expertise. With time I gained familiarity with most phases of the diamond trade: from mining to marketing.

Where did you get the idea to start Oh My Got and a new exclusive online store for diamond cufflinks? Why did you choose to focus on diamond cufflinks?

David: I always had an ambition to develop a new, design-led, creative business line. Creating something new excites me. But, for the first few years there was just too much to learn and absorb and time became very scarce as my responsibilities and family grew.

But all the time the design ambition was burning away. Then, a particularly personal, vivid experience convinced me to stop dreaming and start designing…….

25 years ago, I was on holiday in Switzerland with my parents. They were looking for a very special gift for my grandfather’s birthday. After a long search, they stumbled upon a beautiful pair of cufflinks. The cufflinks were stunning, displaying true craftsmanship.

2 years ago, my son celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, his 13th birthday. By this time my grandfather had passed on and the day before, my grandmother came to me and she gave me those very same cufflinks my parents had bought 25 years earlier. She wanted me to have them, and to wear them during my son’s Bar Mitzvah.

This gesture touched me deeply. Those cufflinks gave me such a special feeling that I decided there and then to capture those emotions and share them with others. I set to work to use the industry knowledge and technical expertise I had accumulated to create similar special experiences through diamond cufflinks that would inspire and give joy and pleasure.

To you, diamond cufflinks are the ideal gift?

David: Yes, I believe they really are. As a gift, diamond cufflinks are personal, but not intrusively so. It is possible to choose a beautiful set of cufflinks that look great on a man for the occasion. After all, every man has a shirt! Cufflinks make superb gifts for family members, loved ones, friends, business relations and colleagues. Unlike most other gadgets or dress items, diamond cufflinks never go out of fashion. If you buy well, they won’t age and they will retain their value.

And Oh My Got cufflinks in particular?

David: In our Oh My Got store you can find a range of beautiful cufflinks that aren’t available anywhere else in the world. Oh My Got is about Antwerp-designed, painstakingly crafted cufflinks, an emblematically exceptional jewel. In this way, you can offer yourself, a loved one or a significant person, a sublimely splendid gift, a unique experience, and a wonderful memory to cherish. That is what Oh My Got is all about.

Can you tell us a bit more about the designs?

David: I have started Oh My Got by designing three exclusive cufflink lines: Classic, Smart and Dare. The designs vary, of course, but they have one thing in common: each Oh My Got design must make every diamond stand out and every cufflink an icon.

That way, every man can enjoy a set of beautiful diamond cufflinks that suits his own style and mood: we have days and times when we may appreciate the classic look, and other times when a more informal style or daredevil look is the appropriate one.

You have boldly plunged into a new world of design – where do you get inspiration?

David: Well, I think design inspiration is infinite, the sources of ideas and motifs are literally everywhere. A stroll along the beach, a visit to a museum, a walk through a busy urban space, flicking through a fashion magazine, a 10 hour flight doodling and thinking with the clouds for company, people watching – the next design idea can come from anywhere. 

Where can people buy Oh My Got’s unique designs?

David: The diamond cufflinks from Oh My Got are exclusively available from Oh My Got’s online store. As we want to make sure every client gets a unique ethical product and experience we committed to being closely involved in every single stage of the production process, from design to production and selling.

It is the only way to ensure consistently top quality, superb craftsmanship, supply chain integrity and an enjoyable buying experience.

Thank you very much for this interesting conversation, David. We wish you and Oh My Got all the best for the future!

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