Dare To Be Bold - David Gotlib's festive collection
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Dare To Be Bold

Black Skulls

Cowards die many times before their death, but these Black Skulls are to die for. The question is: are you bold enough to wear them?

Bolts of Lightning

Make a galvanizing impression by wearing these Bolts of Lightning. They are shockingly elegant!

Driver’s Seat Blue

Take the lead from the driver’s seat. With these cufflinks, you are in control!

Driver’s Seat Red

Take the lead from the driver’s seat. With these cufflinks, you are in control!

Diamond Wings

Celebrate earning your wings and moving forward with this marvelous set of diamond cufflinks. May the sky never be your limit!

Las Vegas

The lucky strike cuff, edging the odds with fine diamonds and gold.


Night and day, see and be seen, with a diamond guided sense of sound, space and the extraordinary.

Unusual Business

Keep your dollars close at hand, until you are sure of your next move. Business is never usual, neither are these cufflinks.


Feeling adventurous? Explore your style boundaries by throwing Indiana in the mix.

Eternal Kiss

Ever wondered what an eternal kiss would look like? With these cufflinks, you carry the kiss all day long.

Freedom Flag

Express your love for the land of the free and the home of the brave. Wear these cufflinks with pride.