Logos of Life - Iconic diamond cufflinks by David Gotlib
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Logos Of Life

Double Infinity

Infinity is a concept most people can’t seem to grasp. These cufflinks illustrate our yearning for everlasting love, life and happiness.

A Cuff For Peace

Celebrate peace by keeping it close at hand. Wear these cufflinks to celebrate all the good and great in the world.


The Hamsa offers protection, luck and strength. Wear it to have the world by the end of your cuffs.

Lucky Eye

To see the world in a different perspective look through a fresh pair of eyes. These cufflinks show the beauty in everything.

Yin and Yang

In life, everything needs to be balanced. There’s no light without darkness. No happiness without sadness. No success without failure. May Yin and Yang inspire you to find the happy equilibrium.